QualityCenter 2005

Full-Featured WEB Corrective Action Solution

Manageware delivers the best concern management software in the industry. Tired of spending thousands of dollars on customer, supplier, and internal concerns. Still using MS Access, Excel, or even worse hard copy forms to manage your corrective action process. Customers threatening to take their business elsewhere because of repeat complaints.

Our software has been updated to a powerful, yet simple to use, ASP.NET web version
Submit your corrective actions via email, online, or populate your EXISTING forms!
Online reporting and data analysis
Unlimited Users
Unlimited site locations within your company
Options to allow customers and suppliers to participate directly in the software
ISO 9000/QS 9000/TS 16949 Compliant

QualityCenter 2000

Our popular Windows© Corrective Action Solution
Manageware, as a service, is offering the Windows© QualityCenter 2000 version FREE of charge!
Create corrective action forms and reports from your PC!
Automotive forms available for use.

Web Services Management
In addition to offering corrective action software, Manageware partners with many companies providing 100% of their 'web service' functions. Leave all your website activities to us, so you can get back to doing business without the technology headaches that a website and all of its facets can cause. Typically, you get better costing, service, structure, and timeliness than performing these services with internal staffing.

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Web Development
In addition to offering corrective action software, Manageware also creates custom websites, web applications, and e-commerce websites. Let us propose a solution, costing is always by the project. There are no hidden costs with Manageware, and we always deliver on-time and within budget.

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E-Mail Campaigns
The creation and execution of a successful e-mail campaign can be very difficult these days. Let us create your campaigns, send them, then we'll report all the statistics back to you.

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Software Deployment
Manageware can take your existing project, literature, or application and package it for distribution. Whether via the web, CD-ROM, or DVD, using the most sophisticated software to guarantee that your distribution is a success.

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