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QualityCenter 2005
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QualityCenter 2005
QualityCenter 2005 is here!

The premier Full-Featured WEB Corrective Action Solution for your manufacturing and/or assembly environment

Is your company spending thousands on Customer, Supplier, and Internal complaints? Money spent on material sorting, returns, customer trips, increased inspection, product rework, etc.

When your customer asks for a history of their returns and complaints does it take you hours, if not days, to compile it?

Are you still using Microsoft™ Word, Excel, or Access, or even worse just filing hard copies?

Please take a look at our Product Sheet

Unlike the other software providers, We partner with you and work towards a solution that best fits your manufacturing environment.

Product Highlights
  • A COMPLETE solution for Customer, Supplier, and Internal Concern/Corrective Action Management
  • 100% ASP.NET Web Solution, accessible anywhere in the world
  • 100% integration with your, or your customers, existing forms, no one else can claim this
  • Zero additional cost for multiple locations and unlimited users!
  • Online reporting and data query
  • Upload attachments and images
  • Tracks the "Total Cost of Quality" for your concern costs
  • Simple to use, we STRONGLY believe that simple translates into used, and useful
  • Flexibility to integrate with your processes, not the other way around
  • Cost effective, other solutions cost THOUSANDS more and deliver far less
  • Implement within one week from delivery
  • Personalized support

You can integrate QualityCenter 2005 into your existing IT hardware and software or let Manageware deploy it as a complete system. Manageware is a Dell Solution Provider so we can set you up a new server with the hardware and software that you need to be successful. Please review solutions choices for more information.

Product Requirements
Our solution uses typical web server hardware and software, ideally we would recommend that you use the Microsoft™ IIS 6.0 Web Server. This solution uses ASP.NET Framework 1.1.

The back-end database software is Sql Server™ 2000.

Internet Explorer™ (IE 5.5 and above) is required to take full advantage of the .NET framework and structure. If your company uses another browser, please let us know so we can work with you to provide another solution.

Solution Choices
Let us create a solution that best fits your budget or I.T. set-up.

Fully Deployed Web Server
Manageware will deploy QualityCenter 2005 on a new Dell™ Server with Windows™ 2003 and Sql Server™ 2000.

Just QualityCenter 2005
Manageware can work with your existing I.T. dept and deploy our software to them for installation on your existing equipment and software.

Let us host QualityCenter 2005 for you
Manageware can host QualityCenter 2005 for you, thus, minimizing your upfront capital expenses. Let us worry about server operation and performance. We can create a hosted application plan that works best for your organization and size.

All solutions include the migration of your data (i.e. contact, company, supplier, etc) and migration of your existing forms. You'll be able to add data and corrective forms but to get a running start it is better to have the software pre-populated with this information.
Manageware is also available for onsite installation and configuration services.

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Register to get online access to QualityCenter 2005 for a test drive. The process is simple, once you submit your registration a confirmation e-mail will be sent providing a link and login information.

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